Polypropylene Sandbags

For many years, the burlap sandbag was the only sandbag available, but within the last few years the polypropylene bag has become very common within the sandbag family as they can endure long term flooding very effectively without breaking down which facilitates the ease of cleanup.

Our bags are made from a woven polypropylene fabric. Each bag has a string tie back attached and measures 14”(w) x 26”(L) and weigh approximately 25 -30lbs. Make sure the bags are kept out of UV light during storage in order to ensure the longest lifespan possible when required for deployment.

GFS America | Flood Defence | Polypropylene Sandbags

• Circular woven with tie string.
• Top hemmed, bottom single fold double stitched.
• Weight of empty bag 2ounces.
• Weight of filled bag 25 – 30 pounds.
• One bag measures 14(w) x 26(L)

Prices starting from 21c per bag.

For further information and pricing call 781 535 8202 or email us at info@globalfloodsolutionsamerica.com
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